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Alberto Gaspar and Luis Miguel Gaspar: the fourth generation dedicated to electro-galvanizing treatments.

tratamiento de superficies

Even though the company was only created in 1983, the name "Gaspar" has been associated with the treatment of surfaces for a ver long time. Alberto Gaspar and Luis Miguel Gaspar are the fourth generation to work with electro-galvanizing treatments.

It has been a long time since Mr Manuel Gaspar Marín founded the first surface treatment industry in Spain, back in the year 1910. In the photo on the right we can see a dynamo used in that first company. In those days, its commercial name was "Industries Galvánicas Gaspar". A pioneer in all types of electro-galvanizing baths, such as chrome, silver, nickel, gold, tin, copper, zinc, brass, etc.
Dinamo 1910
Dinamo 1910

The dynamo did the job of today's current rectifiers, producing direct current for the metal electroplating system.

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