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HR treatment

• 1000 Hrs without red rust corrosion.

The highest quality of electroplating treatments.
The HR treatment has a specific characteristic. The finish is glazed (matt) with a look similar to that of hot dip galvanized products.

This treatment provides a higher corrosion resistance than the hot dip galvanization process, surpassing 1000 hours in salt spray tests without traces of red rust corrosion appearing.

In addition, the surface of the finish is totally smooth and free from irregularities, in contrast with the hot dip galvanized finish.

In compliance with the RoHs regulations, our HR treatment is free from hexavalent chromium Cr 6+, as well as lead, cadmium and mercury.

It is recommended for all kinds of materials and locations, in particular for those exposed in highly corrosive outdoor environments. .
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