Zincados perfiles Zinper
Av. Torre de la Vila nº 71
(08830) Sant Boi de Llobregat - Barcelona
Telf.: 93 654 85 41 / 609 081 418



Provides greater resistance to corrosion for surfaces which have already been passivated. All finishes that we have are compatible with the subsequent sealing process. The sealing is the last process that we apply to items with the aim of increasing the protection of the passivation and zinc bath process.
Important note regarding sealing:

The sealing process consists of the deposition of a protective film on the passivation coating. This changes its original appearance, giving a more uniform finish in products subject to iridescent passivation and lowering the intensity of the original shine.
AVDA. TORRE DE LA VILA, Nº 71 - 08830 SANT BOI DE LLOBREGAT (BARCELONA)     -     Tel: 93 654 85 41 / 609 081 418     -     ZINPER@ZINPER.ES
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